About Us

Six Flags Nursery Supply LLC.

Six Flags is a locally owned and operated company that has served Central Florida since 1979. From mulches and barks to topsoil and organic planting products, we are your one-stop nursery shop for orders of all sizes. In addition to our aquatic landscaping selections, including water features, ponds, and Aquascape, Inc. products, we also stock yard equipment for your everyday lawn care and special outdoor projects. We carry Red Mulch, Pine Straw Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch and Top Soils in both large and small quantities for all of your landscaping needs. All of Six Flags Top Quality certified mulches are produced utilizing virgin timber, which is derived from managed timberland sites. There’s absolutely NO land clearing debris, recycled pallet materials, or noxious weeds & potential weed seedlings (i.e. melaleuca) in our mulch. This leaves no question of “what’s in your mulch,” (i.e. chemicals, nails, debris or trash, weed seedlings, etc.).

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